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Learn Freediving in Greece

The Best Place to Freedive in Europe

Learn Freediving in Corfu - Greece

Get your an unforgettable experience with us! Join us for Freediving Courses on Corfu, Greece. Our expert instructors guide you through a comprehensive curriculum, blending theory and practical skills to help you master the art of freediving.

At the best Place to Freedive in Greece!

Freediver in Greece at the Discover Course

Discover Freediving

Explore a new underwater realm with our Discovery Course. Perfect for beginners, this level delves into freediving basics, enhancing breathing techniques and breath-hold abilities.

Freediverin Greece12

Beginners Course

Discover the essentials of freediving safety and technique in our Beginner Course. Build a strong foundation while learning breathing and relaxation techniques.

Freediver in Greece Doing the Advance Course AIDA2

Advanced Course

Dive into advanced freediving theory with our course, get a deeper understanding of physiology and techniques. Master the Advanced Equalization Technique and learn to freefall.

Freedivers in Greece Doing the Master Course AIDA3


Delve into the depths with our specialized Advanced Course for deep diving.  Learn advanced equalization techniques, stretching and master safety procedures for deep freediving.

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“Freediving is like meditation. It’s a connection with the sea, with yourself, and with your own limits.”
- Gauliume Nery

Freediving Training

Do you want to get better at freediving? Maybe you want to hold your breath longer, relax more, or improve your equalization underwater. Or are you planning to take a course and want to practice beforehand to meet the requirements? No matter why you want to learn, we’re here to help you. We’ll work together to make your freediving  practice easy and help you learn and improve.

Freediving in Corfu

Explore the best dive sites the mediteranean has to offer

Explore the dive sites of Corfu for an unforgetable underwater experience. Dive into hidden caves, uncover wrecks, and navigate through natural swim-through holes. Alongside underwater cliffs, our sites offer a genuine and captivating dive, suitable for divers of all levels. Corfu invites you to discover the simplicity and beauty of its underwater landscapes. Dive in and immerse yourself in the genuine wonder that lies beneath the surface.

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2 freedivers in Greece Buddying
a freediving women in greece

WHat our DIvers Think

Great instructor, great diving site and great value. Highly recommend
Andres Alvarez
Andres Alvarez
Ruddy was a great instructor. Learnt heaps. Just from 1 day of the course I increased my breath hold from 2.40mins to 3.25mins. Highly recommend him and have my fingers crossed we can come back and do our Aida 2 with him.
Nick Werahiko
Nick Werahiko
Had a great experience with Alex exploring the caves in Corfu. Highly recommend
Judy L
Judy L
I took my AIDA 3 with Alex in August 2023. From the moment I contacted him a few weeks before the course until the end, Alex was always pleasant and available. Thanks to him, I was able to beat my personal bests in static and depth. Even though I insisted on doing the rescue manoeuvre on someone heavier, he was able to put me in a position to succeed in a skilful way, showing his teaching intelligence. If you want to discover or perfect your freediving skills in Corfu, look no further! Alex, thank you for your calm and patience, we'll dive whenever you like in Berlin! Viel Grüße mein lieber!
Alex is a great teacher who has guided me through my very first diving experiences with patience and a great sense of what I needed. Thank you for the professional lessons and the many laughters and high fives. 🙏🏼
Great team and must-see spots! When traveling, I don't have a freediving buddy. Thanks to Alex I saw places inaccessible to me alone. Everything professionally safe and in a great atmosphere. I will definitely come back to you :D
Agnieszka Różewicz
Agnieszka Różewicz
Alex was a fantastic instructor. Clear, easy to get on with, and helped out a lot with the technical skills. The dive sites were amazing and the overall experience was flawless. I’d definitely come back again.
Alec Barr (alecbarr90)
Alec Barr (alecbarr90)
I had an amazing experience with Corfu Freediving and instructor Alex! Alex's expertise and passion for freediving were amazing. The dive sites were breathtaking, and safety was a top priority. Highly recommended!
Lehmann Julian
Lehmann Julian
Such a perfect place for experiencing free diving especially the instructors are so professional ! We’ve spent the very precious times fulled of joys learning all the useful techniques. Highly recommended !
Suphatcha Sodsai
Suphatcha Sodsai
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